Using “Live View” in photography

Many many photographers consider live view to be something unnecessary. I however have found it to be quite a useful part of my camera.  some cameras make it easy to use and some make it a bit less convenient. as i sat in glacier national park watching a bear through the viewfinder i thought to myself “there has to be a better way.” i’m sitting … Continue reading Using “Live View” in photography

Photography from your car

Many many photographers go on huge long photo hikes.  they pack everything up, cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, solar chargers.  And then there is the traditional necessities such as water and food for a day trip all the way to tents and sleeping bags and more for a longer trip. Personally at my age i enjoy the comfort of a bed in a nice hotel each … Continue reading Photography from your car

Using Satellites in Photography

the world is a huge place and you never know what is around the corner.  when you are traveling around and you’re not familiar with an area it is easy to miss some great pictures.  i’m always wondering what is around the next corner, over the hill, around the big rock.  well, technology is our friend here. with the iphone we are able to see … Continue reading Using Satellites in Photography