Nikon D850 First quick review

Here is a real short review of the new Nikon D850, it’s simply another great update from Nikon. As always in my reviews I don’t care if the manufacturer gave me a camera free or if I had to buy it myself, I tell the brutal truth, good and bad.

keep in mind that I took it out of the box and ran right out to play with it, no instructions read or much of any idea what I was doing with it, ha ha.

I got the camera out of the box, it right away seemed lighter in weight than my previous D810. I decided to take the camera out and try it on a new section of Utah that I haven’t explored yet. First of all I want to see what the camera was able to do on its own.  Everything was set to fully automatic, ISO, the exposure, focus mode, P for professional. 

I haven’t gone through all of the different things that are possible yet but here are some of the features that I’ve noticed that stood out so far. The touchscreen was great just simply setting up my name and the date was so much easier with the touchscreen, that just can’t be beat. The camera has a tilting screen and I’m not sure if I like the way the screen swings away it just seems like it’s a little fragile and it might break I’m sure they tested this a lot so it’s probably just me being paranoid. Most of my complaint also is that it doesn’t seem intuitive to open or close with the way they designed the hinges. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s just something to find out as time goes along.  Anyone that has bad knees or a bad back will absolutely love being able to tilt the LCD though.  I mean I can go and get low-profile shots without having to get down low to the ground anymore.  I just hold the camera down bend over a little bit and watch the screen it’s fantastic. I can only imagine how good it’ll be when I’ve got pointed straight up at the sky doing nighttime stars. I won’t have to lay down crouch underneath it twisting myself at all kinds of weird angles.  That’s going to be awesome and I’m very much looking forward to that feature.

I don’t notice a difference in the quiet mode.  I was really expecting it to be very very quiet almost like a mirrorless camera just from all the marketing hype that they did about it being quieter.  It is nice to have a continuous selection in quiet mode so I do like that feature since I was always missing that in previous cameras.

I do miss not having the AE lock button like on previous models.  I don’t know what their logic was.  Maybe their market research showed that I was the only person in the world that used it?  I feel taking that button away to be a poor decision.

The auto focus was a nice surprise. I was pretty satisfied before this camera and now it just seems much crisper and faster. It doesn’t wander back-and-forth trying to find the focus point.



The software is a spectacular surprise with  the snap bridge app on my iPhone.  I never used that app before because I simply didn’t know much about it but now I will always use it.  My favorite thing is the GPS function, my phone simply tells the camera where I am and embeds the GPS location in each image.  You always carry the phone around with you everywhere anyhow so the biggest thing you have to worry about is just remembering not to leave the phone in the car.  I assume just like any other Bluetooth device, you have around 20 or 30 feet of the phone. Also, I have to remember not to turn the camera off because I’m assuming that it would have to go through the pairing process which takes a few seconds and you might miss that location if you’re getting a quick shot. I’ll have to get used to just leaving my camera turned on.

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