Using Satellites in Photography

the world is a huge place and you never know what is around the corner.  when you are traveling around and you’re not familiar with an area it is easy to miss some great pictures.  i’m always wondering what is around the next corner, over the hill, around the big rock.  well, technology is our friend here.
with the iphone we are able to see what is ahead of us!  pull out that phone and click on the maps app and you can get a beautiful satellite picture of what is around you.
you don’t have to worry anymore about being able to know the area like the locals do. with a satellite picture you have become a local.  there are still secrets out there that you will have to discover on your own, but this is a huge help in national parks which are huge and have trails everywhere.  now you can see where those trails lead.
the drawback to the app is that you need to have a cell phone signal to get an accurate picture of where you are on the map.  if you are going to be in an area where you won’t have a signal then make sure you study your maps ahead of time and plan your route.  i have however found that sometimes the phone will store a satellite map in it’s memory, but that depends on how you use your phone and how much memory it has available to it, so be careful with that one.
you also need to be able to identify what you are seeing, remember, you are looking from above, so there is a bit of learning to reading the maps.
most roads and trails are easy to spot, if you turn on the hybrid feature then it will give you road names on the picture.
ponds and streams appear as dark spots alot of times depending on how big they are.  these ponds are a great place to sneak up on wildlife.
the best way to learn about the maps is to go out around where you are already familiar.  walk around and keep track of where you are on the map so you can recognize the features in a place you won’t get lost as easily.

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